Swedes support the idea of ​​banning gambling advertising

Swedes support the idea of ​​banning gambling advertising

New online gambling operators in Sweden may lose the opportunity to promote their products through advertising if the local government takes into account the results of the latest public survey.

A new survey by Sifo Swedish researchers shows that more than half (53%) of Swedes believe that gambling advertising should be banned. Another 30% partially agree with this statement. Thus, the future of the Swedish advertising of gambling looks completely bleak.

Other answers to the questions also demonstrated the Swedes' skeptical view of gambling: 76% fully agreed with stricter rules for advertising gambling, and another 16% partially agreed. 87% agree with the point of view that there were too many gambling advertisements, another 10% partially agreed with this statement.

This position of the Swedes is not a big surprise, since a survey conducted in 2018 showed that the advertising industry of gambling is the least authoritative among all business sectors. A similar survey organized last month showed that the casino gaming industry received very poor customer satisfaction, trust and reputation scores.

The results of the latest survey would be completely disappointing if it were not for the fact that the Minister for Civil Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi gathered all 69 Swedish licensees of online gambling games to a meeting on Thursday, February 14, to discuss their marketing activities. Earlier this month, Shekarabi publicly pondered on following the lead of the UK and banning any promotions during sports broadcasts.

On Tuesday, Shekarabi stated that he acknowledged the growing public discontent with gambling advertisements and reiterated his intention that new restrictions would be introduced if operators could not show some restraint in their marketing efforts.

Jenny Nilzon, general director of the Swedish Gambling Association (SPER), said she understands public discontent. However, according to her, operators are striving to develop online gambling on the recently opened market, and free competition provides that everyone should be able to offer their products and services.

Nilzon expressed confidence that the industry will eventually gain self-control if the government contributes by clarifying the vague definition of moderate advertising. The expert also suggested that the media can also play a role by determining for themselves how much advertising of gambling is permissible for them.

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