Sweden will assess the impact of the opening of the online market

Gambling in Sweden - impact on opening the market

After a successful vote for the liberalization of the online gambling market, the Swedish authorities decided to study the impact of Svenska Spel and AB Trav Och Galopp (ATG) state monopolists on it.

In particular, the review will consider the question of what financial consequences for sports and racing companies will entail the end of these monopolies. The government is concerned about the ups and downs, since ATG provides 87% of their funding, therefore, a new funding mechanism may be required.


More recently, Sweden has adopted a law on gambling, which will finally allow international gambling companies, except for the Swedish companies themselves, to obtain the right to operate online. The decision to liberalize was formed due to statistics, because unlicensed gambling operators occupy a large share of the online market.

The results of the review will be published no earlier than October 31, 2020. In this regard, market participants fear that the industry will suffer a lot, while the government analyzes the situation.

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