Steve Wynn hearing scheduled for Jan 4th

Steve Wynn hearing scheduled for Jan 4th - lawsuit may be rescheduled

Steve Wynne’s lawsuit against his former company and the Massachusetts gambling regulators will be considered in a Nevada court early next year.

District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez will listen to the billionaire’s lawyers on how the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) and Wynn Resorts violated their client’s rights.

The MGC must determine whether there is a basis for penalties or a potential deprivation of a license from Encore Boston Harbor casino owned by Wynn Resorts. An investigation is ongoing about whether the company intentionally concealed information about alleged sexual harassment by the company's founder while waiting for a gaming license in Boston in 2013.

Changes in the management team

On Friday, December 21, Wynn Resorts announced that a member of the board of directors, Alvin Shoemaker retires from the company in December 31 this year. He was elected to the board in 2002. According to company representatives, replacement is not planned in the near future, which means that the number of members of the board of directors will decrease to nine.

Phil Satr and CEO Matt Maddox intend to convince gambling regulators that a new era has come in the company's history.

I am pleased with these changes. We will do our best to convince the regulators of their qualifications. I am optimistic, because I believe in the measures we have taken,”- said Satr.

Fast decision

Lawyers on both sides of the lawsuit work together to speed up the process and provide the four MGC representatives with a report on the results of the investigation. Thus, the fate of Encore Boston Harbor will be decided. The commission reports that they cannot consider the materials until the end of the trial. Due to the postponement, the opening of the casino-resort scheduled for June 2019 may not be possible.

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