Soon licensing of gambling operators in Sweden will begin

Licensing of gambling operators in Sweden will begin on August 1

Sweden's gambling regulator Lotteriinspektionen recommended companies wishing to work in the local market to hurry with the registration of applications for licenses. The beginning of processing of documents will start at August 1.

Until January 1, 2019, the agency intends to process as many applications as possible and issue permits for activities to companies that meet the requirements.

The form for online gambling and betting operators is set out on 14 pages. Lotteriinspektionen reported that all applications must fill the form in Swedish.

"Licenses will be issued only to those who have the knowledge and experience in conducting the gambling business," the Lotteriinspektionen reported. Companies that want to work in the market will have to pay about $ 50 thousand when applying for licensing.

Svenska Spel, a local gambling monopolist, is preparing for tough competition. In this regard, the company announced a plan to change the policy of doing business. Now Svenska Spel is developing the concept of content and technology improvement. Recently the company became a partner of SESF.

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