Serious limits regarding gambling business may come into force in Latvia

Before the elections of the Latvian parliament, journalists asked representatives of the political party “Regional Alliance” about the future of gambling in the country.

According to her representative, gambling in Latvia should be limited. They can only be allowed in high-end hotels. In addition, gambling operators should closely monitor security measures: minors and people with gambling addiction problems should not have access to such establishments.

It is also necessary to create a special registry, which will include Latvians suffering from gambling addiction, so that hotel complexes and gaming operators can more easily control visitors.

Also, in the party they believe that it is necessary to fight against the spread of online gambling resources.

Recall that in the Baltic countries, unlike in Russia, there is no ban on gambling. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia legalized gambling, ensuring clear control over the activities of all gambling operators. In 2018, casino revenue here grew by 11.5% compared with 2017.

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