Sega Sammy is looking for a partner to work on a Japanese casino resort project

Sega Sammy is looking for a partner to work on a Japanese casino resort project

More and more operators are seeking to master the recently legalized gambling market in Japan. Immediately after Rush Street, Sega Sammy Holdings also announced the filing of an application for licensing.

The leaders of Sega Sammy Holdings recently published a report for the second quarter, and also shared information that they are looking for a reliable partner for filing an application for the construction and operation of facilities in Japanese IR. It is expected that licensing will be completed before 2020. The company notes that in accordance with the terms they will provide information about plans related to the Japanese project.

Sega Sammy owns Paradise City casino in South Korea and uses it as an educational tool to gain the necessary experience in the field of gambling.

The company's CEO, Hajime Satomi, said that the main goal of the company is to become the majority owner of a possible casino project in Japan.

Discussing the possibility of entering the casino-resort market, company leaders also indicated that they might consider expanding the Paradise City brand if its operations in South Korea are successful. However, they noted that this does not mean willingness to partner with Paradise Co. for the development of the project of the Japanese IR.

Now, it is not known whether the Japanese authorities will have time to license all three market participants next year. However, a huge part of the work has already been done: city mayors and municipal authorities, as well as casino operators, have been activated. At the same time, there are still many obstacles and problems on the way of implementation that need to be solved in connection with the construction of IR.

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