Sands China Ltd. launched a fund to help the victims after the typhoon Hato

Sands China will help victims of the Hato typhoon

Sands China Ltd. Opened the Hato Education Sponsorship Fund. Six children who lost their parents as a result of Typhoon Hato became the main targets of the fund.

The presentation of the fund took place on September 12 in Sands Macao. Its creation is part of the long-term support that Sands China provides to victims after the disaster (remember: the typhoon of Hato hit the southern part of China, in particular in Macau, in August 2017).

The new fund was created in cooperation with Fidelidade - Insurance Company Limited (Life). Sands China will provide a total of 6 million to needy children and young people. For each victim, 1 million will be allocated. Young people will receive financial support aimed at their further education, including in primary, secondary and higher educational institutions. The money will go for extra-curricular activities, school supplies and teaching materials.

"Sands China continues to provide assistance to those in need and affected by the typhoon," - said Sands China's President, Wilfred Wong. - Having realized the plight of children and young people, whose families suffered great losses, we began to develop an assistance plan. This fund will provide support to its clients, since education is important for their development and success in life as a whole. We thank the Social Welfare Office for helping us coordinate our efforts."

The company pledged to donate a total of 65 million to help those affected by the typhoon in Macau.

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