RWM will not be responsible for the militant attack

RWM will not be responsible for the militant attack

The committees of the House of Representatives of the Philippines recommended not to bring any charges against World Manila Resorts in connection with the militant attack on a gambling facility in June 2017. As a result of the tragedy, 38 people died.

According to the latest reports, the Committee on Public Order and Security, together with the Committee of Entertainment and Tourism, agreed on a joint investigation report on the attack.

The report says that despite the omissions of the RWM security leadership, in order to avoid a repetition of this situation in the future, the company is recommended to review and strengthen the client protection programs.

The “security omissions” mentioned in the report included gaps in the system and lack of an effective security plan and protocol, staff cuts, as well as actions by CCTV operators who could not track the whereabouts of victims and effectively coordinate work with law enforcement.

However, not everyone agrees with the RWM decision. Opposition MP Tom Villarine noted that he did not agree with the recommendations of the committees and that someone should be responsible for the "senseless killing" of people.

If security mistakes were made, appropriate reporting should be provided, as dozens were killed and injured. The fact that the next time the company will be ready to provide its customers with security will not return peace to the families of the victims. Responsible institutions that committed the incident must be punished for the sake of justice for the families of the victims,” - said Villarin.

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