Resort Casino can help Osaka to accept the Formula 1 Gran Prix

Resort Casino can help Osaka to accept the Formula 1 Gran Prix

Placing a casino in Osaka can help the metropolis on the east coast of Japan become eligible to participate in the Formula 1 Grand Prix motor rally. This was stated by the mayor of Osaka Hirofumi Yoshimura, reports the local edition of The Mainichi.

The official noted that the holding of such a race could be part of the implementation of the strategy for the development of overseas tourism in Osaka, the third largest city in Japan in terms of population. However, for this, high-quality roads must be built.

The artificial island of Yumeshima will accept the World Expo 2025. In addition, this location was also determined by the city authorities as a candidate for the construction of a casino resort if the national government approves this initiative.

At the end of November, Japanese brokerage company Nomura announced that Osaka’s success in selecting World Expo 2025 would pave the way for the casino resort. Mainly due to the fact that the event will require objects that can later be used by large market participants.

Mayor Yoshimura indicated in his last comments that races can be organized on the streets of Yumeshima.

Several well-known casino jurisdictions - Monaco and Singapore - are also currently conducting street races on the Formula One tour.

If we can attract investments from around the world, we will achieve what we currently cannot implement in Japan. Racing on street circuits can be organized in Yumeshima,” - Yoshimura said.

Annually, at least one Formula 1 Grand Prix is held in Japan on the Suzuka racetrack in Mi prefecture on the east coast of Honshu, the main and largest island of Japan, and about 62 miles (100 km) southeast of Osaka. This year the race will be held in October.

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