Regulator calls into question the number of rooms at the IPI resort

Regulator calls into question the number of rooms at the IPI resort

The gambling regulator of Saipan Island doubts the need for 2,000 hotel rooms at the Imperial Pacific Hotel, which were discussed in an exclusive license agreement.

Last week, the COO of the European Commission Edward Dileon Guerrero said that the IPI license provides for the creation of an additional 2000 rooms, but this requires a minimum of 2 million tourists per year. However, in 2017 the number of visitors to the Northern Mariana Islands was only 659,741 people.

"I do not think that the Northern Mariana Islands will receive 2 million visitors a year. I believe that we do not need to create another 2000 rooms," - the executive director said.
In his opinion, IPI should focus on VIP-visitors, because this segment is the basis of the profit of the project.

This position was supported by Joseph Dileon Guerrero the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on gaming.

"I believe that we do not need so many tourists. I'm not even sure that our airport is able to accept such a large number of passengers," - the committee chairman said.

Joseph Guerrero made a proposal to allow individual operators to manage the casino and hotel part of the resort in Garapan, instead of entrusting the management of both sectors of the same company. However, for this, it is necessary to amend the law regarding the casino.

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