Problems with gambling business in Riga

The Administration of Riga opposes the development of the gambling business

Despite the previously announced cancellation of the ban on the placement of gambling facilities in the center of Riga, the city administration still opposes the development of gambling business in the capital.

At the regular meeting of the deputies of the Riga City Council, representatives of the gambling sector and the regulators were present, discussed the introduction of new restrictions for gambling business.

Discussion was related to innovations that are prescribed in the new territorial development plan of Riga until 2030. According to this plan, gambling halls will be able to work only in mixed development areas in the city center.

A possible limitation in the future will also be the transfer of gambling halls to four- and five-star hotels. At the last meeting on June 14, the opposition party finally put forward this proposal, but this time it was not considered, since the application was filed incorrectly from a legal point of view.

The meeting was also attended by opposition figures who wanted to raise the issue of closing gambling halls in the center of Riga for discussion again.

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