President of Takao gaming was murdered

President of Takao gaming was brutally murdered

The president of Takao, a Nagino-based manufacturer of traditional Japanese slot machines (pachinko), was brutally murdered several days ago.

The body of a 39-year-old Masaki Uchigashima was found on the morning of October 25 in the parking lot of the company. According to the official version, the killer attacked him with a knife in the early morning. The body was discovered by a security guard at the beginning of a new working day, around 7:30.

Experts said that the president of the company was trying to defend himself, but he died from injuries made by the attacker. His briefcase, mobile phone and murder weapon were found next to the body.

The offender is not found, and the motive for the crime is currently unknown. Surveillance cameras recorded a certain man in a mask who climbed over the fence and entered the building.

One of the investigative versions is that Uchigashima was involved in a scandalous incident in the Philippines last year. Then the criminals shot his car. Another passenger in the car was killed. He was also the president of the pachinko gaming company.

Takao was founded in 1979 and has about 220 employees. Uchigashima was appointed to the presidency in June 2016.

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