Paradise SegaSammy Co Ltd develops a resort in Incheon

Resort in Incheon will be developed by Paradise SegaSammy Co Ltd.

The company announced the completion of the first stage of construction of the resort in Incheon, South Korea.

Representatives of the joint venture of South Korean casino operator Paradise Co Ltd and Japanese Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. also reported that the second stage, which includes the development of non-gambling facilities, will begin on September 21.

In April 2017, near the hotel and the conference hall in Paradise City, a casino for foreigners was opened. The new complex also has a shopping center, a boutique, spa, club, cinema, family entertainment center and an art gallery.

The second stage of the first phase of construction involves the addition of 110 thousand square meters, which will host an Art Paradiso hotel with 58 rooms, spa, club, an art gallery, shopping center, cinema and a family entertainment center known as Wonderbox.

According to the company, during the first 100 days of operation, the site was visited by 310,000 visitors, the number of which is expected to grow, as investors continue to invest in the development of facilities.

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