Osaka government is interested in cooperation with gambling operators

Government of Osaka (Japan) is very interested in beneficial cooperation with gambling operators

As international casino operators seek to obtain a license for the construction of an integrated resorts (IR) in the prefecture, officials, in turn, want to get the best offer in terms of jobs and infrastructure.

Very soon the casino industry will unfold in Japan due to the fact that the legislature adopted a bill on the introduction of IRs, thus opening the way for organizing gambling. Since places for the construction of facilities have not yet been determined, Osaka is the leader, and officials are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of profitable deals for the prefecture.

Several international casino companies have already started to struggle for a building permit, if Osaka will be confirmed as a place for IR construction. Foreign operators such as MGM Resorts and Melco Resorts & Entertainment donated money to the victims of the June earthquake and visited local festivals to demonstrate their interest in this prefecture.

The casino industry is committed to beneficial cooperation. The new facilities will stimulate the economy of the prefecture, as it will become an attractive place for tourists. However, government officials expect most of all that gambling operators will invest in infrastructure (for example, transportation networks), rehabilitation programs for players with gambling problems, and create new jobs. That's why they carefully discuss all the terms of cooperation, despite the fact that Osaka has not yet been confirmed as the location for the IRs.

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