Organizers of illegal gambling arrested in China

Illegal gambling in China, more than 20 people arrested due to illegal activities

In the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, police detained a group of 19 people, they organized the illegal gambling business in the Net. Income from illegal activities, according to the Xinhua News Agency, amounted to more than 430 million yuan (about $62.6 million).

In February 2018, the Shenzhen city police received information about an illegal group that organized gambling using the WeChat - mobile Chinese messenger. Daily turnover was about 1 million yuan (about $145 thousand). The casino was managed by using artificial intelligence technology.

During the operation, 15 people were detained. Law enforcement officials seized mobile phones, computers, and accounts from the suspects. Some time later, four more criminals were arrested.

Earlier it became aware of another group that organized illegal gambling activities in China. The gang consisted of 56 people. It took almost two years to investigate this crime.

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