Opposition Against Casino in Japan

Opposition Against Casino in Japan

The ruling coalition of Japan hopes that the law on the introduction of integrated resorts (IR) will be adopted within the next few weeks after the extension of the parliamentary session until July 22. However, the opposition group again opposed the legalization of casinos in the country.

The chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Yutaro Kikuti, made a statement that legislation could threaten the foundations of the national order. "The proposed law on the abolition of the ban on the casino overlooks why gambling is still a punishable criminal offense, and this significantly worsens the integrity of the entire law and order," the document says.

The group also pointed to the problem of gambling addiction, related organized crime, money laundering. At the same time, it is alleged that most of the Japanese public is also against the bill.

Over the past few days, the bill has already been discussed in the lower house of parliament. The Chamber of Councilors will now discuss this draft and will most likely approve it before 22 of July, in an extended period. The disagreement of the Federation of Bar Associations is likely will not affect the legislative process: it is expected that it will play a role in future projects for the construction of integrated resorts.

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