Opening an integrated resort in Osaka will have a beneficial effect on the economy of the prefecture

According to representatives of the Nomura brokerage company, the opening of an integrated resort and the holding of the World Expo in Osaka will have a positive impact on the economic situation of the region.

The casino industry has not yet started working in Japan, because today the question remains, where the integrated resorts will be located. However, Osaka is one of the claimants for the construction of the facility. According to experts, the project will have a significant impact on the economy of the region.

Nomura representatives are confident that the Osaka economy will reach a new level if the region becomes a place for the implementation of the IR project, and if it wins the bid to hold the World Expo in 2025.

In a statement of a brokerage company, it is reported that winning both to participate in the World Expo and to obtain a license to build a casino will increase the return on investment and have a positive impact on the economy of Osaka.

Most likely, this will be an incentive for redevelopment of the area around Yumeshimy, which will benefit real estate companies in the area and construction companies in Osaka. We also believe that attracting more foreign visitors to the area will increase the stability and growth prospects for many hotels, whose projects are already under development,” - said Nomura.

However, earlier some experts questioned the possibility of implementing the IR project in Osaka, since the prefecture is at risk of flooding.

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