Online players - against casino gamification

Expert said that online players - against casino gamification

During the survey of the world's leading online casino site, Casinomeister, determined that quick payments and receiving VIP bonuses are priorities for players. At the same time, most respondents spoke against casino gamification.

Gamification is the involvement of players in the process of solving marketing problems. Gamification was called one of the possible trends of 2018, however, as far as this assumption proved to be, it is too early to say. The method of promotion within the framework of gamification is the placement of players at different levels, the provision of special bonus programs for participation.

By accessing our website, players get all the information they need. We pay a lot of attention to the interaction of players with each other and the company,” - commented Brian Bailey, a company spokesman.

In addition, according to Bailey, small companies find it difficult to develop in a competitive environment, so they prefer consolidation with other companies. The result of this consolidation is an increase in the amount of income required by affiliates.

If the operator can bring a significant turnover, it is compensated using other mechanisms. Thus, “membership” organizations that demand increased turnover simply “shoot at their own foot”, because this business doesn’t work.

The representative of the company also noted the need to participate in various conferences, stressing that only by communicating with experts in a particular environment we can provide quality services to clients and understand the features of market development.

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