Online Gambling and Friendship

Is it worth making friends from the online gambling community?

Each person has a list of needs that are necessary for a comfortable existence. One of them is communication, as most of us need to share news and thoughts with those who share our interests. That's why almost every person on earth has friends - people who can be consulted, talk to, ask for help and just have a good time together.

Some of us have friends since childhood, some of us get them at work, and some people choose friends in various spheres of interest. One of these areas is the community of online casino players. Having friends in such a community is one of the main conditions for not only the player's success, but also his progress.

Online casino users can be divided into two types:

1 - Temporary - players who visited the casino once or twice to spend time and spend money;

2 - Constant - those who are serious about the gambling, understand the risk, responsibility and make important decisions.

The first category of players includes different people, young and old, men and women, educated and not, those who know how to play casino games and those who don't.

The second category of players includes only those who know exactly what they want and expect from playing in online casino. These people communicate on forums, share experiences, talk about winnings and losses, advise good video slots or even entire online casinos. Speaking with such users, you can learn a lot of useful and interesting information that is absolutely useful to you in order to start growing and progressing as a player.

In rare cases, online friendship can flow into meetings in reality, and can be based not only on online games, but also on other aspects of life and in the end can form normal friendship.

The absolute majority of those who communicate in thematic forums dedicated to online casino games are people who are educated or at least reasonable, know their business or are trying to find themselves in this field. After all, if a person can't understanding strategies, mathematics, he will not stay in the world of gambling for a long time.

Therefore, getting new contacts with people from community of fans of online casino games, you are practically guaranteed to get some clever and educated friends.

Most users of such communities are wealthy people

This may seem untrue, but most of the regular players in online casinos do this not for the sake of large gains, but for entertainment. Most often they have no problems with money and will not particularly worry about a few unsuccessful sessions.

We are talking about this in order to give one good advice. By becoming a user of online gambling communities, you will inevitably come across "whiners", they want to get money from you or other users, explaining this by an unexpected loss of the entire bankroll, credit card restrictions and other nonsense. Just ignore them, because in 99% of cases, after you transfer the required amount to them, they will disappear forever.

Moral: get new contacts with caution and be vigilant.

Is there any benefit of such friends in the network?

As in real life, the presence of good friends in the online gambling community has many advantages. If you have proven yourself, several times helped someone from other users and behaved quite adequately, then you will be treated accordingly. For example, if you need to quickly exchange dollars for euros, probably one of your friends can help in this. These are just a few examples of how friends and like-minded people on the network can be useful to each other. Well, and most importantly, such people will never blame you for allegedly "burning" your life behind slot machines or about gambling addiction.


As you already understood, having friends and like-minded people in the online community is very useful and exciting, but we advise you to keep such friendship within the Internet. It is possible that a person who has become an excellent friend and adviser online, can greatly disappoint you in real life.