Online casinos in Belarus will have to pay $1 million to enter the market

Government of Belarus determined the entrance price of the gambling market for online operators. The corresponding draft resolution has been submitted for public discussion.

According to the content of the document, the guarantee account of an interactive gambling club on the first day of the first month of each quarter must contain an amount of 90 thousand basic values. Currently, it is about 2,205,000 BR, which is equivalent to $1 million.

For those who organize gambling in the Internet only by acceptance of bets, the guarantee on the account should be 20 thousand base units - 490 thousand BR (about $233 thousand).

The rationale for the document states that the Belarusian authorities were guided by the practice of those countries in which the gambling operator must necessarily have guaranteed financial security in a certain amount. These countries include Estonia, the Czech Republic and Armenia.

Earlier it became known that the largest casino "XO" stopped its work in Belarus. The institution was located in Minsk.

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