OneWeb launches first satellites into near-earth orbit

OneWeb will conquer the Earth orbit with satellites

Yesterday, OneWeb had a test launch of the vehicle with the first batch of 10 satellites.

"The recent contest on our YouTube channel showed: in Play Fortuna people from many countries and cities play. And such ambitious projects as OneWeb will help us to unite the multinational and diverse audience of our platform," - said representative of Partner Earning company.

Test launch is a small part of all activities that OneWeb planned until 2020.

The project is estimated at $3 billion, and the total number of satellites ranges from 700 to 2000.

There are already high-orbit Internet access systems available now, but long signal delays and a low concentration of satellites of this type in the geostationary orbit do not allow us to obtain the desired data transfer rate.

In addition to the shortcomings of the "star" Internet systems mentioned above, there is also one terrestrial - the devices can not directly "catch" the network signal due to satellite systems. To do this, you need receivers, which will give the user access to the World Wide Web.

The competition in this area is very high: Starlink is a subsidiary of SpaceX, and Athena is a Facebook project, they all plan to have "star" internet.

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