NFL will allow casinos to act as sponsors

NFL will soften the restrictions regarding gambling promotion

The National Football League is going to lift the ban on gambling advertising and allow ground-based casinos to sponsor teams.

This decision was made by the NFL Business Initiative Committee, and Brian Rolpapp, director of public relations and media, announced this during a business conference.

Despite the call to soften the rules in relation to the gambling industry, a set of rules and regulations will be adopted to ensure the safety of the sport.

As a result, the casino will be allowed to use the NFL team logos in promotional materials.

However, gambling establishments will still be banned from direct advertising of sports bets using the teams they sponsor.

In addition, NFL franchises will not be able to receive a share of profits from activities related to websites dedicated to gambling or casinos.

Earlier it was reported that the NFL sent an official letter to the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Council, in which it expressed its position regarding sports betting.

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