New support network for players with gambling addiction was made in UK

New online support for players with gambling problem will start working in UK

The GambleAware charitable organization has teamed up with the Citizens Advice Office of the UK to jointly educate specialists on debt counseling in matters of gambling addiction and problems related to gambling.

GambleAware will develop a training program for civilian consultants, which will be tested in nine locations in England and Wales.

Thus, a special training course is planned to identify and support consumers who may suffer or be at risk of gambling addiction. The purpose of the special course will also be to provide them with special assistance.

"Gambling can have consequences for the lives of not only individuals, but also for their families and friends. People ask for our help to solve practical problems arising due to addiction, including increase in debt and the severance of relations," - said Citizens Advice executive director Gillian Guy.

In order to reduce the negative impact of gambling on society in the UK, they plan to limit advertising for operators during live broadcasts of local sports events.

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