New rules regarding employees of Macau casino

Macau casino employees will be banned from playing gambling games

In connection with the growing number of players with addiction to gambling in Macau, the local gambling regulator introduced new rules aimed at fighting against it.

Following the suppression of illegal currency exchange in casinos, the city government proposes to introduce rules which will prohibit employees of gambling establishments spend time in casino after the work shift. The ban will not affect employees of cafes and restaurants, cleaners and security, according to a press release of the city executive committee.

According to analysts, a very small number of casino employees gamble after the shift ends. Moreover, some operators have already introduced a ban on gambling for employees. Penalty for violation of this rule will be set at a minimum of 1 thousand patacas ($ 125) and a maximum of 10 thousand patacas ($ 1,250).

Civil servants of the city are not allowed to visit the casino. The exception is a short period during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. By the same principle will be allowed to visit casinos for employees of gambling centers - three days a year, during the Chinese New Year.

The bill will also simplify the procedure for considering violations of age restrictions. In the government's view, since most of the violators were tourists, simplifying the procedure would allow for more efficient processing of information and reduce the costs involved.

So, the legislators propose to allow inspectors of the regulator, if they find players who have not reached the age of 21, immediately expel them from the institution and impose a fine of 1,000 patacas.

According to the rules of 2012, introduced by the gambling regulator of Macao, any person under the age of 21 years who resides, plays or works in a casino is liable to a fine from 1 thousand up to 10 thousand patacas. The operator faces a fine from 10 thousand to 500 thousand patacas.

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