High budget project for new casino in Costa Rica

New casino in Costa Rica, high budget - chic project

On the Caribbean coast, new Caribe Casino City planed for $ 400,000,000, its construction will begin in one year. The project consists of several stages and will be completed in 2027.

There will be three casinos and three hotels for 264 rooms in total. There will be two conference rooms, a business center, a health center and other leisure facilities. Guests will have access to the beach, marina and helipad.

The Caribe Casino City project is still under development, but has already received the support necessary for its implementation. It was created by the architectural firm Patti Rao from Canada. The project has already been approved by the Ministry of the Environment, the Tourism Board and the Municipality of Matina.

It is expected that about 150 jobs will be created during the construction on the first stage of the project. When all objects are opened, the complex will provide employment for approximately 1,500 people. There is no information on how long it will take to complete each stage.

This region accounts for 80% of the country's imports and exports.

In 2017, Costa Rica was visited by almost 70 million tourists, with almost half of the guests coming from North America. In 2018, statistics are improving, since in the first quarter, growth was 6%, compared with the first quarter of last year. Currently, tourists flow from North America increased by 11.4%, and from Europe - by 14.2%.