Nagoya - a new contender for the construction of a casino resort

Nagoya - a new contender for the construction of a casino resort

In Nagoya, they have not yet considered the possibility of filing an application for accommodation in the city of an integrated resort. However, according to the survey, this policy is supported in the power structures.

The multi-choice survey was compiled by the Integrated Resort Review Office, known as the IR Promotion Secretariat. It was sent to all prefectures and cities designated and selected earlier (47 and 20, respectively).

In July, the mayor of Nagoya, Takashi Kawamura, told the Nikkei Asian Review that the city should participate in bids. However, later the same source provided information that such statements are not within the jurisdiction of the above-mentioned official.

Kawamura is not affiliated with the party-political circles of the coalition government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but is a member of the pro-Western party, “Genzy Nippon,” which name can be translated as “Tax Cuts in Japan.”

The national government’s licensing policy for integrated resorts has progressed to create economic stability, attract government revenues, and encourage inbound tourism.

Nagoya, the capital of the Japanese Aichi Prefecture, is a manufacturing and port city on the central island of Honshu. According to the census of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of the country, the city is the fourth largest in Japan.

According to the Big Nagoya Initiative Centre, through joint efforts of the national government, local authorities, representatives of the industrial sector, academia and the Nagoya population, the region’s income annually accounts for about 10% of Japan’s gross domestic product.

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