Missouri Consider Bill of Regulation of Video Lottery Terminals

Missouri Consider Bill of Regulation of Video Lottery Terminals

Missouri Senator Denny Hoskins has filed several bills aimed at changing the status of gambling in the state.

Hoskins initiated a bill to regulate a video lottery. If the authorities support the initiative, the law will regulate the work of 14 thousand lottery machines located at state gas stations and in grocery stores. Actually, these types of machines are already installed, however at the moment they function uncontrollably. Accordingly, the treasury is not replenished with tax deductions from the lottery activities of this type.

According to preliminary estimates by Hoskins, the regulation of lottery machines will allow to replenish the state’s treasury by $ 36 million. The draft law also establishes the rules for locating video lottery terminals and introducing a self-exclusion mechanism for problem players. However, some parliamentarians are still concerned that video lottery terminals may provoke the problem of gambling addiction, especially among minors.

The draft law assumes that lottery machines will be moved from places with high attendance by minors. In addition, the adoption of the law involves the creation of new jobs for regulators of the sphere. State Senator Brian Williams is concerned that, due to the age limit of 21 years, high school graduates cannot apply for positions.

For the third time Hoskins is attempting to legitimize the activity of video-lottery terminals.

However, this is not the only bill prepared by a politician. In December, Hoskins submitted a draft law on the establishment of rate receiving points on the basis of state riverboats.

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