Millennials interested in interactivity

Millennials interested in interactivity

To attract players of the new generation, it is necessary to improve the slot machines and make them more interactive, said in the report of the technical consultant of BMM International LLC, also known as BMM Testlabs.

The gambling entertainment industry can no longer rely on old technologies; in order to attract new generation customers, it is necessary to introduce new technologies,” - says a document written by Robin Bernhard, BMM Senior Marketing and Training Manager.

Consultants believe that slot machines need to be improved. It is also necessary to attract e-Sports to the casino and ensure its harmonious coexistence along with traditional gaming tables.

Also, in the BMM report there are more radical solutions, for example, the introduction of biometric identification for cashless payments in gambling establishments, including cryptocurrencies.

The Macau Ministry of Finance prohibits the servicing of cryptocurrency entities, as well as digital and virtual currencies are not accepted as payment in the city’s casino.

It also assumes the use of microclimatic technologies for air purification, which will allow introducing local climate control, so players can smoke near the gaming machine, without causing inconvenience to other players.

The market of electronic slot machines in Macau, according to experts, is currently underdeveloped, but has great potential.

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