Microgaming develops a new niche - board online iGames

Microgaming develops a new niche - board online iGames

Microgaming decided to change its views on the online gambling market by entering into a series of partnership agreements with independent developer studios. Moreover, this approach has already brought noticeable results.

The latest development of the developer clearly showed that Microgaming abandons the classic slot machines and develops a new niche for itself - board online iGames.

Switch Studios, Microgaming's latest partner, is an independent game development studio based in Ipswich, UK. The company of experts in social and online gambling has joined forces with the industry giant and now intends to focus on creating a new line of classic board games.

According to John Coleman, CEO of Microgaming, Switch Studios has already established itself as an innovative and creative company capable of creating trendy and attractive casino games, making them the ideal partner for opening a completely new segment of the online gambling market.

In turn, Tom David from Switch Studios believes that the company is ready to accept the challenge and bring new style and innovation to the gambling sector, creating attractive entertainment content for players.

First joint development

The first game to be released in this partnership is the new wheel of fortune, which is currently advertised under the name "Roulette". The game promises to combine several areas at once, including a realistic 3D environment, as well as some special bets. It will be optimized for PC and mobile platforms.

The companies also announced the release of a full range of innovative board games in the coming months, including blackjack.

The partnership with Switch Studios opens new horizons for Microgaming, as the company seeks to improve its presence and relevance in the board game market after it has largely secured the status of one of the leading slot developers in the industry.

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