Melco will increase the number of gaming tables for the mass segment

Melco will increase the number of gaming tables for the mass segment

Melco Resorts and Entertainment has received permission to expand in Macau. The city bureau of gaming inspection and coordination (DICJ) reported that the operator will place 40 more tables for the mass segment.

The company received permission to host new gambling tables on January 1. Thus, 40 new units will appear in casino area.

MGM China Holdings also received permission to install additional gambling tables. DICJ reports that it has authorized 25 new tables that will operate at MGM Cotai, but does not specify for which segment the equipment is intended. Adding game tables is part of an agreement with MGM Cotai.

Before opening the resort in February of this year, Macau's Minister of Economy and Finance Lionel Leong Wai Sou announced that 125 new gaming tables will be placed in the gaming establishment, 100 of which will be installed before the launch of the project, and the remaining 25 will start functioning in January 2019.

The new Melco Resorts Hotel in Macau was opened last June. The construction of Morpheus cost the company $1.1 billion, but there were no new tables for the facility. Later, another 40 pieces of gambling equipment were moved from other establishments of the company.

The city regulator also claims that it continues to strictly control the number of gambling equipment on the market so that the development of companies and the industry has been streamlined. However, when receiving an application from operators for new gaming tables, the regulator will consider the proposal in accordance with the rules and conduct a comprehensive analysis.

The number of gambling tables was limited in 2013. It can increase by no more than 3% annually. This rule is valid until December 2022. At the moment, according to official data, there are about 6588 gaming tables with live dealers in Macau. The number of gambling equipment is limited to prevent excessive saturation of the market and to control Macau’s gross income from gambling.

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