Melco Group creates new jobs in Cyprus

Melco Group will create new jobs in Cyprus

Three casinos will begin operations in Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos in the coming months. Their opening will affect both the economic growth in the country and the well-being of local residents, who will receive about 200 of new jobs.

Melco Group representative said that their company is ready to open vacancies for more than 200 people in their casinos.

"Approximately 200 new posts will be opened. At the same time, about 600 people are already employed in our casinos. The overwhelming majority of them are Cypriots," - the company's representative said.

It also became known that Hermes Airports and Integrated Casino Resorts Cyprus (ICR Cyprus) signed a two-year commercial contract with the possibility of an extension, under which casinos will appear in the terminal building at Larnaca Airport.

The first Cypriot casino in Zakaki, Limassol, which was visited by more than 30 thousand people on the first day, has 33 table games and 242 slot machines, a zone for VIP games, a restaurant and two bars.

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