Mangkhut Typhoon did not affected the profits of the Macau casinos

Mangkhut Typhoon had no impact on profits of casinos of Macau

Experts report: Mangkhut Typhoon had no negative impact on the total income from gambling in Macau (GGR).

Moreover, contrary to previously announced data, it is expected that the September income of the administrative district will be 10% higher compared to the same period last year.

According to Sanford C. Bernstein, Macau GGR will be $2.72-2.77 billion, which is 3-4% more than last year. Previously, the company's experts predicted an increase from 0 to 3%. The new forecast is based on an increase in the average daily GGR expected for the last week of this month.

Analysts Bernstein Zhen Gong, Vitaly Umansky and Kelsey Chu noted that the casino practically did not suffer material damage, despite the fact that the government closed all the gambling facilities for 33 hours.

The Japanese brokerage company Nomura also published its forecasts. According to company experts, GGR of Macau in September will be 10% higher than in September 2017. The firm also noted that if not for the cataclysm, this figure could reach 15%.

In general, according to Nomura, by 2019 gross gaming income of Macao will increase by 6%.

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