Malta and Italy announced cooperation on gambling regulation

Malta and Italy announced cooperation on gambling regulation

Malta’s gambling regulator intends to sign a cooperation agreement with the Italian authorities to combat crime in the field of gambling.

The Parliamentary Secretary of the Prime Minister of Malta for financial services, the digital economy and innovation Silvio Schembri said: the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Italian authorities are expected to sign an agreement to strengthen cooperation to solve current problems in the gambling sector.

Schembri also announced that the partnership will help improve Malta’s reputation for anti-gambling measures.

According to him, the agreement will allow both parties to share intelligence, a comprehensive and strategic approach to the issues of illegal operators and criminal activities in the gambling industry. He stressed that the recent law in Malta will allow the MGA to take a strong position in the fight against money laundering, fraud and other criminal activities.

Malta, with its current gambling ecosystem and powers of the gambling regulator, will provide the perfect landscape for the development of eSports, gambling and tournaments,” said Schembri, adding that the government uses new technologies to launch cryptocurrency operations and strategies for eSports.

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