Malaysian illegal casinos have found the “old-new” method of attracting customers

Malaysian illegal casinos have found the “old-new” method of attracting customers

Malaysian authorities have discovered an illegal online casino, which attracted potential customers via SMS.

Police in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, arrested five people in connection with the activities of the illegal online casino, which, according to the authorities, earned 33.3 million Australian dollars ($ 794 thousand) per month. Reid followed in response to reports from the public - allegedly dissatisfied customers.

Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim told local media that an illegal operator used the SMS messaging feature to send “hundreds of thousands” text messages to random phone numbers, which increased the number of customers in this establishment in Malaysia and China.

According to the police, the network of operators was working for about a year in an apartment that served as a “customer service department”. Evidence of crime and culpability became sent instructions related to gambling; these instructions were sent to all interested Malaysians, which were attracted to company’s services. Messages were about the details of opening an account and depositing cash.

Studies of computers and mobile phones seized during the raid showed that the network had more than 20,000 clients, from whom they reportedly earned income in excess of 120,000 Australian dollars ($ 28,900) per day. The network used Chinese bank accounts to accept deposits and pay out winnings.

In fact, the games were made via an unknown website. The police are also investigating how violators obtained data about the phones that were used to attract potential customers.

Ironically, the SMS promotion scheme only intensified after the Malaysian government began to talk about its success in fighting illegal online gambling.

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