Macau's gambling company was almost robbed for €249 million

Macau's gambling company was almost robbed for €249 million

Macau authorities have detained a Canadian for attempting to steal €249 million from a local gambling operator.

On Saturday, January 26th, Macau's judicial police announced that they had detained a 61-year-old Chinese man who has Canadian citizenship. A man named Liao tried to convince a local bank to transfer a huge amount of money to his bank account in Hong Kong.

A spokesman for PJ Leng Kam Lon reported that Liao came to Macao Bank last Monday, January 21, and provided the financial institution officials with a receipt of transfer and a letter of authorization, allegedly issued by a local gambling company approving the transaction.

Bank employees were suspicious of the request for transfer after comparing the signature on the power of attorney with the sample signature in the bank records. After receiving a message that the bank would not conduct this transaction, Liao immediately took the receipt and hurried to leave, taking with him two clearly forged documents.

Subsequently, the bank contacted the gambling games operator, which refused to authorize the transfer. The finance company reported on the incident on Friday, as a result of which Liao was arrested on the same day. It later became known that a citizen tried to leave Macao before his arrest; he denied the charges of fraud, despite the fact that PJ representatives found fake documents with him.

The PJ believes that they have enough evidence to accuse Liao of aggravated fraud and the use of fake documents. However, it remains unknown whether the "robber" worked alone or with accomplices. The name of the gambling company, which almost became a victim of a fraudster, remains undisclosed.

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