Macau continues to fight illegal currency exchange in gambling establishments

Macau government continues to fight illegal currency exchange in casinos

On Friday, Macau police conducted another successful operation against illegal activities in the city’s casino.

Update on the actions of the judicial police, the body responsible for the fight against crime in the casino, was provided on Tuesday by Chang Chong, the acting head of the unit for gambling crimes.

On Saturday, during a police raid at several casinos in the center of Macau, 12 people were detained without carrying any identity cards. Two of them were eventually detained on suspicion of illegal currency exchange.

In May, June and July of this year, a series of harsh measures were taken against similar offenses, subsequently committed to wide publicity.

“Since the beginning of this year, after a series of operations, we have not seen an escalation,” - Mr. Chong said.

Recently casino employees of Macau were forbidden to play gambling. According to the new rules, employees of gambling establishments cannot be located at gambling areas during off-hours.

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