Macau Airport plans to take up to 8.7 million passengers in 2019

Macau Airport plans to take up to 8.7 million passengers in 2019

Macau International Airport Co Ltd plans to serve 8.7 million passengers this year, transport 42,750 tons of cargo, make 69,000 takeoffs and landings, as well as 3,438 takeoffs and landings on private passenger planes.

The figures represent a significant increase compared with last year’s results, which were also presented at the meeting of the directors and staff of the airport on Friday, January 18th.

The airport management company, known as CAM, published a written statement with plans on its website on Tuesday, January 22.

Earlier, CAM reported that last year Macau International Airport handled 8.26 million passengers, which is 15.2% more than in 2017. In addition, 41,500 tons of cargo was transported, an increase of 11%. 65,000 take-offs and landings were made — a 12% increase, and 3,270 take-offs and landings on private commercial aircrafts — a 6.4% increase.

One of the most important aspects for the tourist industry of the city - in the first quarter of this year, CAM plans to begin work on expanding the passenger terminal to the south in order to improve its security facilities and speed up the passenger check-in process.

Experts believe that VIP-casino players, from whom casinos receive most of their money, most often fly by planes. Thus, it can be expected that the new facilities will facilitate the inflow of high rollers into the gambling establishments of Macau.

Revenues from the Macau VIP segment are declining due to a slowdown in economic growth in mainland China and the introduction of a renewed citywide anti-smoking regime.

Last month, CAM announced that design work on the southern expansion of the passenger terminal will begin this year. This will allow the airport to serve 10 million passengers a year, the facility operator said.

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