Lithuanian border will have casino hall with slot machines

At the Lithuanian border there will be a hall with slot machines

The Lithuanian company announced its intention to open a casino in Valka, located on the Latvian side of the Estonian-Latvian border.

The gambling establishment, which will be located next to the alcohol shop, will offer guests 20 slot machines. Despite its proximity to the border, the location chosen in the end seems ideal from the point of view of marketing, since a liquor store is in high demand among both Latvians and Estonians.

The local newspaper Ziemeļlatvija reported that the Lithuanian company originally planned to open a casino in the city center, but the location had to be changed, because gambling establishments can not be built near schools.

"City managers of Smiltene refused. The Regional Council of Valki in June decided that the place on Ruiyena Street is more suitable," commented local press reporter Inga Karpova.

The closest educational institution in the chosen place is the Valga County Vocational Education Center, which is located on the Estonian side of the border.

The company said that in the casino hall there will be presented 20 slot machines, in addition, everyone can make sports bets.

In the meantime the Latvian operator of lottery Latvijas loto has informed, that all graduates of average comprehensive schools of Latvia will receive monetary compensation from the company.

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