LeoVegas against ban on gambling advertising in Italy

LeoVegas made a complaint regarding ban on advertising of gambling in Italy

LeoVegas has filed a formal complaint with the European Commission regarding the recently introduced laws against gambling advertising in Italy.

The new law will come into force on January 1, 2019. The document, called Dignity Decree, makes a complete ban on gambling advertising on all Italian media platforms.

LeoVegas has previously expressed concerns about the new rules. The company has now filed a complaint, accusing the local government of violating European Union law.

Niklas Lindal, manager of the Italian market for LeoVegas, said that company wants to work with the government to achieve a “responsible approach to gambling regulation” without harming the industry.

In complaint, the LeoVegas operator quoted the Recommendation of the European Commission (2014/478 / EU), which states that “gambling advertising is recognized by the European Commission as an important way for legal and authorized gaming companies to distinguish their brand from illegal operators”.

In addition, LeoVegas, which operates in Italy through the domain www.LeoVegas.it, stated that a complete ban on advertising content is a violation TFEU.

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