Leogrand Casino in Batumi will continue its work

Leongrad Casino in Batumi will be operational

The casino, located in the Leogrand hotel - Velmond, Batumi, Georgia, resumed its work.

As a result of a major fire that occurred in the hotel in November 2017, 11 people died. The cause of the tragedy were due problems with the evacuation system and a strong smoke in the building. After the fire, the institution rebranded, but the concept did not change — the complex was a five-star hotel and a casino.

After the rebranding, the staff of the Emergency Management Service conducted a three-time check on the compliance of the institution with the safety standards, resulting in the administration of the hotel receiving 43 comments, and a deadline was set for fixing the problems with safety. However, the results of the next audit showed that the problems were not eliminated. The hotel administration was fined. Later, the court decided to close it.

Now Kakha Tsereteli, a hotel management lawyer, claims that the institution will continue its work, since the basic security measures were met.

Meanwhile, gambling in Georgia attracts more and more tourists. Armenia and Georgia are considering the prospect of creating joint tourist packages for foreign citizens.

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