Laborites of Tasmania plan to eliminate gambling machines

Tasmania (Australia) has a plan to eliminate gambling machines

The leader of the Labor Party of the Australian state of Tasmania, Rebecca White, is not going to give up her promise. There will be held elections in the March, she issued a statement that all gaming machines in pubs and clubs in the state will be removed by 2023.

This means the elimination of 2,375 gambling machines within five years.

"Laborers realize that poker machines are a source of incredible suffering and poverty in our society," - Rebecca said at a conference last Saturday.

In March, representatives of the opposition party announced the allocation of $41.7 million, which will be used to help companies and people which refuse to play gambling machines.

This statement went against the statements of the Liberal Party, which promised to maintain the status quo.

"We respect the fact that gaming and gambling are legitimate activities. Residents of Tasmania should have a choice. We are not supporters of the dictatorship," - the liberals noted.

This is not the first tightening of gambling measures by the Australian authorities. In April this year, Australia introduced new restrictions on advertising regarding gambling.

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