Japan forms a policy to fight agains gambling addiction

Before gambling legalization - policy against gambling problem will be formed

On the background of the forthcoming legalization of casino resorts, the national and local governments of Japan began to introduce a state policy to fight against gambling addiction.

Adoption of the measures prescribed in the Basic Bill on Measures to Fight Against Gambling Addiction has become an indispensable step towards the realization of the legal casino industry in Japan.

The law under discussion requires the central government to prepare a basic structure of measures to fight against gambling addiction, and from the local government to prepare a plan for their implementation.

The bill and the political actions will also cover pachinko machines, as well as certain activities for which bets are currently permitted in the country.

After the approval of the anti-addiction mechanism, it is expected that the Japanese parliament will begin discussion of the bill on the introduction of integrated resorts (IR) in the upper house committee and finally accept it until 22nd of July.

The House of Representatives and the lower house of the Japanese parliament on June 19 passed a bill on the introduction of integrated resorts. If he receives final approval during the current session, the first licenses for conducting gambling activities will be issued by 2020, and first casino resorts will begin to operate approximately in 2025, the industry representatives expect.

Recall: since Japan is preparing for the introduction of integrated casino-resorts, a number of contradictory aspects begin to appear. This is a tax liability for winnings, and it is possible that taxes will be discriminatory.

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