In the Netherlands will be held conference regarding online gambling

Roundtable regarding online gambling will be held in Netherlands

After the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands Sander Decker proposed a new licensing structure for online gambling operators, the authorities decided to take a responsible step.

In September, the roundtable will bring together all interested parties to discuss key aspects of the draft law.
The draft law was developed two years ago. The lower house of parliament approved a legislative initiative, but no further steps were taken by the government.

Now the regulator intends to clearly delineate such concepts as gambling and social games. This is the main topic of the round table, scheduled for September 13. Member of the Board of Directors of NGA Jupp Pot urged all operators to participate in the meeting in order to be "on the same page".

According to Pot, the bill aims to protect consumers, including vulnerable segments of the population, who suffer from gambling addiction. Studies conducted at the request of the regulator showed that players do not distinguish between concepts such as "gambling" and "social games". At the same time, they are different verticals and should not be considered as a single whole.

A bit from the history of the Netherlands

Many are confused, how can to say correctly - Holland or the Netherlands, and if there is a fundamental difference between these names?

The fact is that only 2 out of 12 provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are called Holland. The first settlements on the territory of modern Netherlands began to appear 250,000 years ago.

Gambling in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known worldwide for the legalization of marijuana and the recognition of prostitution as a profession. But the attitude to gambling in this country is quite strict. There is the so-called National Fund, which is responsible for controlling gambling. In total, this fund has 14 offices in the largest cities of the country. All profits go directly to the treasury of the country.

In Amsterdam - the capital of Netherlands - there is a gorgeous "Holland" casino. This is the only casino in this city and therefore it plays the role of a monopolist. The "Holland" is three-story building with excellent lighting. On the ground floor you can play at low bet rates, on the second floor there are all kinds of slots, and on the third-floor fans who play big can play at higher bet rates. At the same time, on each floor you can enjoy both card games and roulette, and all kinds of slots.

Poker in this country enjoys special honor - tournaments of both local and international level are regularly held here. You must have a passport with you when entering the casino, since you can only play when you reach the age of 18. The uniform is a suit and tie; for ladies, cocktail or evening dresses are preferable. Entrance costs about €4.

In the Netherlands will be held conference regarding online gambling

You can find land casinos in the following cities: Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Nimwegen, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Schiphol, Utrecht, Valkenburg, Venlo, Zandvoort.

Online Casinos in Netherlands

The state has been in the process of developing a law on the legalization of online casinos in the country for several years. New legislation should first and foremost guarantee the safety and reliability of Dutch gambling in the online space.

It is also important for the state to keep the income from online casinos in its own treasury. Indeed, many of the private providers are located either in Gibraltar or in Malta, which complicates the whole process of legalization. As in many other countries, it is possible that the Netherlands will request to locate game servers in the country as one of the requirements for obtaining a license.

It is worth noting that the Dutch are very risky players. This became especially noticeable with the growing popularity of online casinos. Of all European countries, the Dutch spend on average more than anyone else on gambling, which has attracted a huge number of private providers to the country in recent years. Most likely, the ever-growing number of such Dutch online casinos affects the speed of work of the state on a new bill.

But while the law is being written, the Dutch continue to play. Mostly the choice falls on European online casinos licensed in Gibraltar or Malta. According to European Union law, providers can offer gambling services in all EU countries. Thus, the Dutch (and residents of any other EU country) can completely legally play in online casinos with the proper European license.

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