In the Netherlands will be held conference regarding online gambling

After the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands Sander Decker proposed a new licensing structure for online gambling operators, the authorities decided to take a responsible step.

In September, the roundtable will bring together all interested parties to discuss key aspects of the draft law.

The draft law was developed two years ago. The lower house of parliament approved a legislative initiative, but no further steps were taken by the government.

Now the regulator intends to clearly delineate such concepts as gambling and social games. This is the main topic of the round table, scheduled for September 13. Member of the Board of Directors of NGA Jupp Pot urged all operators to participate in the meeting in order to be "on the same page".

According to Pot, the bill aims to protect consumers, including vulnerable segments of the population, who suffer from gambling addiction. Studies conducted at the request of the regulator showed that players do not distinguish between concepts such as "gambling" and "social games". At the same time, they are absolutely different verticals and should not be considered as a single whole.

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