In the Bahamas online platforms will be re-certificated

In the Bahamas, computer platforms will be re-certified and a tax for gamblers will be introduced

Until the end of August 2018, the government of the Bahamas intends to re-certify all systems and games of online casino operators, after which it will impose a tax on players. This was told by the Dinuazio D'Aguilar - Minister of Tourism, who controls the local gambling sector.

According to the budget plan of the Bahamas for 2018-2019, incomes of operators of online casinos will be taxed at an increased rate. This provision has already entered into force on 1st of July.

The implementation of the tax regulations for players, which includes tax on all deposits and purchases of lottery products, was postponed until the end of August due to difficulties in re-evaluation of gaming platforms for operators of online stores. After this provision comes into force, players will have to pay a 5 percent tax from each transaction.

Local operators are unhappy with the adoption of new legislative measures and threaten to close their gambling websites, if they grow overhead. Despite the fact that Dinuazio D'Aguilar talks about the government's readiness to discuss the changes, he emphasizes that the new tax provisions for the gambling business will remain in force.

There are about 260 online resources specializing in online casino and lottery services in the region. Local government is considering launching a national lottery. According to officials, revenues from gosltereia would help in eliminating the consequences of natural disasters.

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