In Nagoya, they decide on plans to build a casino resort before summer

In Nagoya, they decide on plans to build a casino resort before summer

The mayor of the Japanese city of Nagoya said that his administration would decide on the construction of an integrated resort before summer.

Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura also added that the authorities will begin preliminary discussions with casino operators and consultants to explore the specifics of the industry.

In addition, the city head believes that if Nagoya decides to become a host in the construction of an integrated resort, then it should be placed a maximum of 20-30 minutes from the railway station.

According to a survey by Kyodo news agency, at the moment only two prefectures and one city are applying for a license to build and manage a casino resort in Japan. This is Osaka, Wakayama and Nagasaki.

Nagoya was designated in the Kyodo report as an area that favors casino resorts, but did not make a final decision on this issue.

The law on the implementation of complex resorts in Japan requires that local authorities wishing to locate a casino resort on their land, make a formal decision on this matter.

As part of the liberalization process of the Japanese gambling business, the local government concerned must first select business partners. Relevant proposals, which will be put forward by local authorities together with business partners, will be considered by the national government of Japan. On the first wave of market liberalization, no more than three licenses will be available.

Nagoya is the largest city of Aichi, as well as the capital of the prefecture. According to the law, prefectural-level settlements can apply for a license. It is possible that Nagoya and Aichi will compete for licensing.

Aichi Prefecture is considering the possibility of locating a casino resort on an artificial island, where Chuba Centerair International Airport is located.

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