In Bangladesh, over 2,200 online gambling websites were blocked

In Bangladesh, over 2,200 online gambling websites were blocked

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has taken a crucial step by blocking over 2,200 gambling sites.

Last week there was information about blocking 176 gambling online resources in Bangladesh.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mustafa Jabbar, posted on his Facebook page a post that such measures were implemented in order to secure the Internet space of Bangladesh. The minister also explained that using the web should be useful for young people, and illegal online gambling sites violate the laws of the country.

During operations, access to 2,235 gambling sites was denied for most of the users. Another 176 added to the black list in the second wave of the mass "cleansing" of Internet space.

The media reported that blocking gambling sites could be carried out for political reasons, in order to pacify dissent around the topic of elections that took place on December 30 last year.

However, the commission is not the first to conduct such "cleansing". Thus, three weeks before the elections, more than 100 resources were blocked that contained inappropriate content. Some of them were restored a couple of weeks later.

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