Imperial Pacific Resort continues its work

Imperial Pacific Resort continues its work

The company operating the casino at the Imperial Pacific Resort on Saipan reported that last week it was forced to suspend the operation of the casino due to a failure in the surveillance system.

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC reported that it temporarily closed the casino on the island in the western Pacific Ocean for half a day on Thursday, January 24th.

The company is a subsidiary of Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd, registered in Hong Kong. Its representatives published a written statement stating that concern for the safety of customers is the main reason for the temporary closure of the gambling establishment.

"Due to security problems and due to the fact that in the early morning hours the casino had very few visitors, it was decided to close the facility until the monitoring system will work properly," - the statement said.

Local media also reported that Imperial Pacific International refuted any suggestion that a disgruntled former employee could sabotage the surveillance system. The articles cited a representative of the casino operator: "No one from the IT department or the surveillance systems service was fired."

Last week, the company announced that Cui Li Jie took over as head of the department, replacing Xia Yuki Y. Representatives of Imperial Pacific International said that Yuki Yu had resigned, but had no complaints about the board of directors or the company.

Earlier it was reported that in the period from 13 to 17 February, the Imperial Pacific Resort will take the big Japanese poker championship.

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