Illegal gambling has left health and social services without funds in Colombia

Illegal gambling in Colombia led to problems in social and health services

Coljuegos - the regulator of gambling in Colombia reported on the activities of illegal gambling operators. Since the beginning of this year in the country were closed about 2 thousand "gray" gambling halls.

The shadow gambling market of Colombia gained significant turnover in 2017-2018. During this period, 33 people were arrested, directly or indirectly related to illegal gambling.

Their tax evasion had a negative impact on such areas as health and social needs. Unpaid funds could help 107,000 residents of the country.

Currently, only 12 gambling operators can legally provide their services here. Organizers of illegal gambling are facing a prison sentence of up to 8 years.

Legitimate gambling in Colombia will generate about $2.5 million / year. A business tax of 15-17% is foreseen. In addition, under the law, there is a mandatory return to the player in the amount of 83% of the money spent for bets.

Coljuegos stressed that the agency will support the development of the legitimate industry and suppress illegal activities in every possible way. For these purposes, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications will be involved.

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