Illegal casino found in Yokohama

Illegal casino was found in Yokohama prefecture

Police raided an illegal casino in Yokohama on the morning of October 3rd.

In an underground gambling establishment, operated by 38-year-old Naoto Miyazaki, there were two baccarat tables located indoors behind an iron door. The casino was equipped with surveillance cameras. The gambling club worked without any sign and name.

In addition to Miyazaki himself, other organizers, a man and a woman, were arrested.

Police said that income from an illegal gambling establishment was at least 90 million yen ($800,000) since its opening six months ago. At the moment unknown whether this casino had any links with the Yakuza factions.

Earlier it was reported that about 94% of Yokohama residents expressed a negative attitude towards the prospects for building a casino in this prefecture.

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