Hundreds of thousands of Finns suffer from gambling addiction

Problem with gambling addiction in Finland

According to the Finnish state lottery company Veikkaus, which is also responsible for slot machines, in 2016, Finnish citizens spent on slots about € 582 million. In 2017, this amount increased to € 1.8 billion.

At the same time, most slot machines are installed in the so-called disadvantaged areas where unemployed, poor, and also citizens with a low level of education and income live. Thus, most of the clients from this particular category of the population. Veikkaus places slot machines where they are most in demand.

Gambling business in Finland is waiting for reforms

The Finnish Antimonopoly Authority proposes to carry out reforms in this sector, as well as to analyze the work of the gambling operator Veikkaus in order to decide whether a monopoly on gaming is needed in the country. The authorities are concerned about the growing problem of gambling addiction among the poor people. According to the Yle local news service, hundreds of thousands of Finnish citizens suffer from the game addiction.

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